EASYCHECK Ovulation Kit 11pk

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EasyCheck Ovulation tests

With EasyCheck Ovulation tests, you can pinpoint the best days to conceive in any given cycle. Take the guesswork out and maximise your chance of getting pregnant.

Over the counter ovulation tests are one step diagnostic tests for the qualitative detection of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine, as an aid to predict time of ovulation. They are in vitro diagnostic tests.

  • How do they work?

    Luteinizing hormone (LH) in elevated quantities causes ovulation (the release of the egg from the ovary). Throughout the menstrual cycle, a small amount of LH is produced, but during the middle of the cycle LH briefly and dramatically increases. This is called the LH Surge and precedes ovulation. Conception is most likely to occur within 24-48 hours following the LH Surge. This is the most fertile time of a female's cycle.
    A positive result with EasyCheck Ovulation Test tells you that you are about to ovulate (release an egg). If you have intercourse within the next 24-48 hours you will maximise your chance of becoming pregnant.


    When to Begin Testing: To find out when to begin testing, determine the length of your normal menstrual cycle. The length of your menstrual cycle is the number of days from the beginning of one period to the beginning of the next period. Work this out by counting the days from the first menstrual bleeding to the day before the next bleeding begins

    Specimen Collection:

  • Do not use first morning urine. Urine at any other time of the day is suitable
  • For best results, try to collect urine at approximately the same time each daybetween 11am and 8pm
  • Reduce your liquid intake for 2 hours before testing
  • Collect your urine in a clean, dry cup (either plastic or glass) and test at room temperature (15-30 C).
  • Directions:

  • Read the entire procedure carefully before performing any test. The test pouch and urine sample should be brought to room temperature (15-30 C) prior to testing. Do not open the pouch until you are ready to perform the test.

  • 1. Urinate into a clean, dry cup (sample collection cup enclosed)
  • 2. Remove the test strip from the sealed pouch by tearing at the notch
  • 3. To perform the test, hold the test strip by the blue handle, with the arrow end pointing downwards towards the urine, dip the test into the urine sample. NOTE: do not immerse the test strip past the Max Line
  • Interpretation of Results:To determine your result, compare the colour intensity, i.e. shade of colour, lightness or darkness of colour, of the Test Line to the Control Line.

  • LH Surge (Positive): Two coloured lines will appear, and the colour intensity of the Test Line is darker or equal to the Control Line. You are experiencing a hormone surge that indicates you will ovulate soon, usually within 24-48 hours of the surge. If you have intercourse after 24 hours but before 48 hours you maximize your chance of becoming pregnant.
  • No LH Surge (Negative): Only one coloured line appears in the Control region, or the Test Line appears but is lighter than the Control Line. This means there is no LH Surge.
  • Invalid: Control Line fails to appear. The result is invalid if no coloured line appears in the Control region, even if a line appears in the Test
  • Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label and use as directed.

  • For in-vitro diagnostic use only
  • Read all the information in this leaflet before performing the test
  • Do not use the kit beyond the expiration date
  • The test strip should remain in the sealed foil pouch until use. Do not use if the pouch is damaged or open
  • Do not touch the membrane located within the results region
  • As with all diagnostic tests, a confirmed diagnosis should only be made by a doctor after all clinical and laboratory findings have been evaluated
  • Do not reuse the test strip. Discard in the dustbin after single use
  • All urine specimens and used strips should be considered potentially infectious. Avoid contact with skin.
  • Presentation: Each pack contains 10 ovulation tests plus 1 pregnancy test

  • 4. Remove the test strip after 10 seconds. Lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface, and begin timing. Do not move the test strip while results are developing
  • 5. Wait for coloured lines to appear. The test should be read (interpreted) at 3-5 minutes. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

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